Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

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TN State Board 11th English Model Question Paper 4


  1.  The question paper comprises of four parts.
  2.  You are to attempt all the parts. An internal choice of questions is provided wherever applicable.
  3. questions of Part I, II. III and IV are to be attempted separately
  4. Question numbers 1 to 20 in Part I are objective type questions of one -mark each. These are to be answered by choosing the most suitable answer from the given four alternatives and writing the option code and the corresponding answer
  5. Question numbers 21 to 30 in Part II are two-marks questions. These are to be answered in about one or two sentences.
  6. Question numbers 31 to 40 in Parr III are three-marks questions, These are to be answered in about three to five short sentences.
  7. Question numbers 41 to 47 in Part IV are five-marks questions. These are to be answered) in detail. Draw diagrams wherever necessary.

Time: 3.00 Hours
Maximum Marks: 90


I. Answer all the questions. [20 x 1 = 20]
Choose the correct synonym for the underlined words from the options given.

Question 1.
A student embarks on a career after graduation.
(a) rupture
(b) completes
(c) begins
(d) summons
(c) begins

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

Question 2.
I was both upset and worried.
(a) disappointed
(b) disliked
(c) destined
(d) distracted
(a) disappointed

Question 3.
It is indelibly branded on letters of fire on my heart.
(a) unforgettable
(b) misunderstood
(c) ineligible
(d) inerasable
(d) inerasable

Choose the correct antonym for the underlined words from the options given.

Question 4.
There was no sound but a curious smothered noise from my friend.
(a) suffocated
(b) suppressed
(c) expressed
(d) stifled
(c) expressed

Question 5.
My blood congealed.
(a) thickened
(b) thinned
(c) solidified
(d) froze
(b) thinned

Question 6.
Turn the despondent into optimistic citizens.
(a) hopeful
(b) hopeless
(c) frustrated
(d) desperate
(a) hopeful

Question 7.
Choose the clipped form of “microphone
(a) micro
(b) mice
(c) mike
(d) phone
(c) mike

Question 8.
Choose the right definition for the given term “Philology”.
(a) The study of phylogenetic trees
(b) The humanistic study of language and literature
(c) The study of cell and its structure
(d) The study of the physical world
(b) The humanistic study of language and literature

Question 9.
Choose the meaning of the idiom “a drop in the ocean”.
(a) extreme
(b) large
(c) plenty
(d) meagre
(d) meagre

Question 10.
Choose the meaning of the foreign word in the sentence People of Kashmir wants to maintain the “status quo”.
(a) retain existing condition
(b) law and order
(c) introduce new changes
(d) law and order
(a) retain existing condition

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

Question 11.
Choose the word from the options given to form a compound word with “duty”.
(a) of-
(b) on-
(c) whole-
(d) in-
(b) on-

Question 12.
Form a new word by adding a suitable suffix to the root word “public”.
(a) sy
(b) ment
(c) tion
(d) ize
(d) ize

Question 13.
Choose the expanded form of “EU
(a) Electric Unit
(b) European Union
(c) Emergency Unit
(d) European Unity
(b) European Union

Question 14.
Choose the correct syllabification of the word ‘crescendo’.
(a) cre-scen-do
(b) cr-e-scen-do
(c) crescen-do
(d) cres-cen-do
(a) cre-scen-do

Question 15.
Choose the correct sentence pattern.
Mani answered my question promptly.
(a) SVCA
(b) SVOA

Question 16.
Fill in the blank with the suitable preposition.
She kept the book ……….. the book shelf.
(a) in
(b) on
(c) to
(d) from
(a) in

Question 17.
Add a suitable question tag to the following statement.
Cities are increasingly becoming urbanised,……..?
(a) isn’t it
(b) shouldn’t they
(c) aren’t they
(d) doesn’t it
(c) aren’t they

Question 18.
Substitute the underlined word with the appropriate polite alternative.
Sagar’s cat had to be killed because it had cancer.
(a) put in
(b) put down
(c) put up
(d) put out
(b) put down

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

Question 19.
Substitute the phrasal verb in the sentence with a single word.
Meena pointed out that the shops would be already closed.
(a) foretold
(b) described
(c) mentioned
(d) showed
(c) mentioned

Question 20.
Fill in the blank with a suitable relative pronoun
The man …….. suitcase was stolen is over there.
(a) which
(b) whose
(c) who
(d) that
(b) whose


II. Answer any seven of the following: [7 × 2 = 14]
(i) Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer any four of the following. [4 × 2 = 8]

Question 21.
“The budding things spread out their fan
To catch the breezy air;
And I must think, do all I can,
That there was pleasure there”
(a) Pick out the rhyming words in the given lines.
(b) Describe the activity of the twigs.
(a) Fan and can, air and there are the rhyming words in the given Hines.
(b) The budding twigs spread out their fan to catch the breezy air.

Question 22.
“….. -for within the hollow crown
That rounds the mortal temples of a king
Keeps Death his court, and there the antic sits”
(a) Where is the hollow crown placed?
(b) What does it hold within?
(a) The hollow crown is placed over the head of the king.
(b) The hollow crown holds death within.

Question 23.
“Cocktail face, with all their conforming smiles Like a fixed portrait”
(a) What is the figure of speech employed in the first line?
(b) What does “a portrait smile” symbolise?
(a) Metaphor.
(b) It symbolizes “rigid and fake face lacking human warmth.” In other words, it means the face wears an artificial and deceitful expression all the time conforming to the mould of behaviour set by the changed society.

Question 24.
“ You ’d think my ego it would please To swap positions with one of these.”
(а) Did it please the poet’s ego to swap places with athletes?
(b) Why wasn’t the poet interested to swap places with athletes even to please his ego?
(a) No, the poet’s ego was not pleased to swap places with the athletes.
(b) The poet wants his ego to be pleased but not at the cost of mortal risk. He knows how zealous athletes unmindful of cracking of limbs of fellow players move ahead.

Question 25.
“Honour is a property, common to all:
In dignity and pride no one need to be poor”
(a) Who are considered rich?
(b) What is their asset?
(a) Those who possess dignity and pride are considered rich.
(b) Honour is their asset.

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

Question 26.
“There never was a Cat of such deceitfulness and suavity.”
(a) Which cat is being talked of here?
(b) How is he different from the rest?
(a) Macavity is being talked of here.
(b) Other cats are lazy and just stay in the kitchen and take the food offered by their master. But Macavity is agile and defies law of the land and laws of gravity. Despite doing all wicked things, he pretends to be innocent. So, the poet claims one can never come across such a cat of “Deceitfulness and suavity”

(ii) Do as directed (any three) [3 × 2 = 6]

Question 27.
Rewrite the following dialogue in reported form.
Sasha : Return me the laptop if you have finished your work.
Harsha : Here it is, Thank you!
Sasha asked Harsha to return her laptop if she had finished her work. Harsha returned it, thanking her.

Question 28.
Rewrite the following sentence in its active form.
This experience Will never be forgotten by me.
I will never forget this experience.

Question 29.
Convert the following compound sentence into a simple sentence.
He is not only a good writer but also an outstanding lecturer.
Besides being a good writer he is an outstanding lecturer.

Question 30.
The taste of success was sweet but it broke up Victor’s family. (Rewrite using ‘Though’)
Though the taste of success was sweet, it broke up Victor’s family.

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4


III. Answer any seven of the following: [7 × 3 = 21]
(i) Explain any two of the following with Reference to the Context: [2 × 3 = 6]

Question 31.
While their ice-block-cold eyes Search behind my shadow
Reference : These lines are from the poem, “Once upon a time” written by Gabriel Okara.

Context: The poet says these words while lamenting over the changes in the behaviour of modem people.

Explanation: The poet expresses the behaviour of people. The laugh is purely plastic, (i.e) lifeless. The eyes are devoid of emotions and hence described as “iceblock” (i.e) cold and hostile. They search behind the shadows means that ‘they’ are characterized by predatory or ulterior motives to exploit.

Question 32.
Athletes, I’ll drink to you,
Or eat with you,
Or anything except compete with you…
Reference: These words are from the poem “Confessions of a Bom Spectator” written by Ogden Nash.

Context: The poet says these while contemplating the probability of swapping places with them.

Explanation: The poet has limp and bashful spirit which feeds on other people’s heroic deeds. The zealous players maim one another to win laurels. The thrill and excitement of all kinds of sports and games pleases the poet but he is wise enough to stay out and be a spectator because he has modest of physiques. He admits he would rather share a drink with them in a pub or dine with them in a restaurant. He is even ready to buy the most expensive tickets, as expensive as radium, to see them play the rough games but never compete with them.

Question 33.
To seek a gain we adore none:
We are proud and feel so tall.
Reference: These lines are from the poem “Everest is not the Only Peak” written by Kulothungan.

Context: The poet uses these words praising ordinary people leading contented life.

Explanation: The simple folks do not stoop to underhand dealings to achieve their desired goals in life. The efforts made in reaching even the smallest positions in life,- if done with sincerity of purpose and deep devotion, is worthy of hearty appreciation. They are straight forward and derive their pride from their own integrity.

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

(ii) Answer any two of the following questions briefly: [2 x 3 = 6]

Question 34.
What did the first ‘silver’ mean to Mary Kom? Why?
The first international silver medal in Boxing meant a lot to Mary Kom. The boxing contest and all that followed got clearly etched in her memory. Besides, it gave her the confidence that she could take on anyone in the ring in a boxing contest.

Question 35.
Why did the narrator feel he could have welcomed a firing party?
The author had made many bids in a low margin and got escaped. But he got trapped by saying “and fifty” when a picture was put up for sale with a starting price of 4000 guineas. No one else raised the stake. The auctioneer rang the bell and the author realized with alarm how on earth he could ever raise that much money. He thought he could find a firing party to shoot him down. Death is better than public disgrace.

Question 36.
According to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, universities ensure democratic way of life for the future generations. How?
It is in the universities that we can develop the true spirit of democracy, we can also facilitate the appreciation of other’s point of view and adjustment of differences through discussions. It can be kept healthy and strong by the exercise of individual responsibility and judgement.

(iii) Answer any three of the following: [3 × 3 = 9]

Question 37.
Re-arrange the shuffled words and frame into meaningful sentences.

  1. everything/ will /sense/ make/ perfect/ someday.
  2. effect/ we/ in/ did/ much/ sales/ last/ not/ year/ improvement.
  3. the/ please/ not/ do/ on/ grass/ step.


  1. Someday everything will make perfect sense.
  2. We did not effect much improvement in sales last year.
  3. Please do not step on the grass.

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

Question 38.
Describe the process of mowing a lawn.

  1. When using a push mower, always push in a forward direction.
  2. Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes, not sandals or flip-flops.
  3. Keep an eye out for pets and children, especially if you have a loud mower.
  4. Wear sunglasses or some other eye-covering to protect your eyes from any debris that might shoot up while you mow.
  5. When mowing on a slope, move side to side instead of up and down the slope to reduce the risk of injury from slipping.
  6. Above all ensure that the blades are sharp.

Question 39.
Expand the following news headlines:

  1. Sports to be made part of CBSE system: Union Minister Kiren Rijiju
  2. State education boards to be regulated by national body: Draft NEP
  3. European leaders leave for Kashmir visit

1. Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports (independent-in-charge) Kiren Rijiju on Tuesday said the CBSE was preparing a system to ensure sports becomes a substantial part of education to determine the achievement of a student.

2. The government’s draft National Education Policy (NEP) has proposed a central regulator for all school boards, meaning the state education boards will be regulated by a national body headed by the Union human resources, development minister.

3. The delegation of European Union Members of Parliament (MPs) left for Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday morning. The EU delegation is expected to meet locals in Srinagar and ask them about their experiences, following the revocation of Article, which granted special status to J&K.

Question 40.
Complete the proverbs choosing the suitable words given in brackets.

  1. Actions ……….. louder than words, (shows, speak, experience)
  2. A drowning man will clutch at a ………. (stick, pole, straw)
  3. Adversity and loss make a man ………… (wise, poor, lost)


  1. speak
  2. straw
  3. wise


IV. Answer the following: [7 x 5 = 35]

Question 41.
Bill Bryson “ached to be suave”. Was he successful in his mission? List his “unsuave ways.
Bill Bryson expresses his genuine desire to be “suave”. He would love just once in his life time to rise from the dinner table as if he had not experienced an “extremely localized seismic event, get into a car without leaving 14 inch coat outride, wear light-coloured trousers without ever discovering” at the end of the day that he had at various times and places sat on chewing gum, ice-cream cough syrup and motor oil. No, Bill Bryson was not successful in his mission.

Twice he spilled his drinks on a sweet nun who happened to sit next to him. He tried to show off his wisdom to another attractive lady. As usual, he was sucking his pen. His shirt, teeth and gum carried the unscrubbable navy blue stain for many days. He always did “liquid mischief’. His clumsy behaviour in the aeroplane made the saintly nun use abusive language. To avoid unsuave ways, he gave up air-travel with his family members. His wife and children supported him yet failed to refine his manners.

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4


How do Universities mould students apart from imparting academic education to them?
Universities mould students by providing various opportunities to develop their soft skills and to develop values which would contribute to the process of nation building. They enable graduates to develop patience and perseverance. They help them develop faith in their own inherent ability to shoulder responsibilities. They are oriented to become citizens of democracy and repay to the society quality services which would reform the lives of the poor people.

They develop true spirit of democracy among young graduates. They enable appreciation of others point of view. The graduates are also provided opportunities to adjust with difference through amicable discussions. The universities, apart from imparting education mould the student’s character and personality too.

Question 42.
The poem does not focus on the destination but the journey towards it. Discuss.
The poet discusses the merits of efforts, duty and devotion and values of honesty, uprightness and service-mindedness. He does not have any special appreciation to those who reach great peaks like Himalayas. He appreciates the process, the journey and not the destination. When the whole world has a perspective of seeking glory using any foul method or underhand dealing, the poet differs from it.

For him the means is more important than the end. However modest may be one’s position is, it is adorable if attained by competence and merit. Pride is not in heights one reaches but in a life that knows no bending or kneeling. The poet respects one who does not stoop as a king. Thus the poet pays importance to the journey of life not the destination.


According to the poet what contributes most to the injuries sustained by the athletes?
According to the poet, zealous athletes play so rough that they do not even consider one another’s feelings in their dealings with other players. The players are mostly goaded by prize money or glory from the media’s light on them. They maim each other as they romp. Cracking vertebrae and spines don’t stop the rough players. Most of the players don’t have sportsmanship.

They don’t treat success and failure equally. In order to get the light of fame on their face, they are ready to permanently disable a rival player too. The crazy desire for championship titles and the light of fame on them leads them to ignore swollen eyes, snapping of knee joints or cracking of wrists. In short, the poet believes the apathy of zealous players and obvious indifference to the pain and debilitating injury contribute most to the injuries sustained by athletes.

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

Question 43.
Write an essay of about 150 words by developing the following hints.
Miss Meadows – upset – remains gloomy – in class – taxes the students – sing sad – the girls sense her change – Basil – She thinks of the letter – called by headmistress – telegram – happy and returns to the class with vigour and good cheer.
The Singing Lesson, written by Katherine Mansfield, is all about a surprising day of a music teacher’s life. Miss Meadows, a music teacher, receives a letter from her finance which states quite plainly that Basil, her finance, isn’t ready to marry her and feels that the marriage would fill him with disgust. Naturally she’s filled with despair, anger and sadness. Her usrfal calm and cheery demeanor turns gloomy and angry that day and this change doesn’t go unnoticed by her students. During the lesson she’s rather harsh with her students. She tells them that today they would be practising a lament.

Then she tells them that they must feel the despair, the pain and the sorrow in order to perform the piece perfectly. During the lesson she’s informed by another colleague that Basil, her finance, has sent a telegram for her. Her first thought is that Basil has committed suicide! Yes, you read that right. It’s because the school has a rule; telegram can be sent to the workers during working hours only in case of death or emergency situation.

But in the telegram Basil had asked her to ignore the first letter and that he had bought the hat-stand which they had been thinking of lately. In short, the marriage is happening. The content of the telegram definitely lights up her mood. She returns and continues her class, now practicing a cheerful song, singing with expressions, more loudly and cheerfully than any of her students.


The title – new trend of young middle – class couple – buying in easy installments – Jack and Jill, serious matter – with six pounds earning – installments were higher than income – playwright feels – couples would make a nest – but never settle or nest happily.
The Never Never Nest is a comic one-act play about a young couple who make foil use of the buy-now-pay-later system. Jack and Jill were a young married couple who had a small baby. One day Aunt Jane visited them and was surprised to find that even though Jack’s salary was not high, they lived in a beautiful house with all comforts. She began to wonder whether, as a wedding gift she had given them 2000 pounds instead of 20 pounds.

Otherwise how did Jack and Jill buy all these things? Then Jane understood that though they had everything, nothing really belonged to them. They bought everything on installments. Only a steering wheel of the car, a wheel and two cylinders had been paid for. The total amount to be paid towards installments was more than their earnings. Aunt Jane was shocked at the way Jack and Jill ran their family. Before she left, she gave ten pounds to Jill and told them to make at least one article completely theirs, using that money.

While Jack went with aunt Jane to the bus stop, Jill sent the money to Dr. Martin. Jack came back and said that he wanted to pay two months installments on the car using the aunt’s gift. But Jill said that by paying this money to Dr. Martin, their baby would become completely theirs.

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

Question 44.
Write a summary or Make notes of the following passage.
Observe the eating habits of your dog. It does not eat, except when hungry. It does not drink, unless it is thirsty. It does not gorge itself. It stops eating when it has had enough. A dog also sets a perfect example of adaptability. If it is moved to a strange place, it is able to adapt itself to that place and to its thousand peculiarities without a murmur of complaint. It is able to learn and adapt to a new family’s ways and customs. It is quick and ready to please. Man, being accustomed to comfort and wealth will be lost if suddenly stripped of all he is accustomed to.

A dog also teaches us a thing or two about, unselfish love. When a dog knows death is approaching, it tries, with its last vestige of strength, to crawl away elsewhere to die, in order to burden its owners no more. A dog does things with all vigour. However, when there is nothing to do, it lies down and rests. It does not waste its strength and energy needlessly. Many working people are burning the candles at both ends. Many suffer nervous breakdowns due to stress. Perhaps, they should learn to rest like a dog does. A dog above all is truly man’s best friend.
No. of words given in the original passage: 215
No. of words to be written in the summary: 215/3 = 71 ± 5

Rough Draft
A dog does no eat without an appetite and stops when he has had enough. He adapts to new surroundings. A dog quickly learns the ways of his new family and tries to please them. He has unselfish love. It rests peacefiItty. It dies elsewhere to avoid problem to the owner. Unlike the dog, man leads stressful lives. Many suffer nervous breakdowns due to stress. Perhaps, they should learn to rest like a dog does. A dog above all is truly man’s best friend.

Fair Draft
Lessons from Dogs
A dog does not eat without an appetite and stops when he has had enough. He adapts to new surroundings. A dog quickly learns the ways of his new family and tries to please them. He has unselfish love. It rests peacefully. It dies elsewhere to avoid problem to the owner. Unlike the dog, man leads stressful lives. We find difficult to adapt to new situations or surroundings. Thus we need to learn some meaningful lessons from dogs.

No. of words in the summary: 78


Title: Lesson from Dogs
Dog’s appetite

  • eats only when hungry,
  • drinks only when thirsty


  • dog quickly adapts to its new environment and family,
  • loves the family and make them happy


  • a dog does its work with full vigour
  • it rests when all is done

dies elsewhere to avoid problem to the owner


  • takes unnecessary stress
  • unable to adapt
  • needs to learn from dogs nature

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

Question 45.
Read the following advertisement and prepare a resiime/bio-data/CV considering yourself fulfilling the conditions specified.
[Write XXXX for your name and YYYY for your address]
Applications are invited for the post of a Security Officer in a Multinational Company from men with a degree in any subject and a ‘C’ certificate in NCC. Eligible candidates please apply with curriculum vitae to
Box No. 123, C/o. The Hindu, Chennai – 600002

2nd Aug 2020

Post box No. 123
C/o The Hindu
Chennai – 600 002
Sub: Applying for the post of Security Officer – Reg.
With reference to your advertisement in ‘The Hindu” dated 02.08.2020, I wish to apply for the post of ‘Security Officer’ in your company. I have furnished my curriculum vitae below for your kind perusal and favourable consideration.
Curriculum Vitae:
Name : XXXX
Date of Birth : 31.12.1991
Address : YYYY
Qualification : B.Sc., 1st class, ‘C’ certificate in NCC from Loyola college
Experience : Security Officer for 3 years, AKK Foods, T. Nagar, Chennai – 17
Languages known : Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English
If I am selected, I assure that, I shall do my job to the best of my ability.

Yours faithfully


Write an essay in about 150 words on ‘How will you protect the Earth from the evil of deforestation’.
How will you protect the Earth from the evil of deforestation
Deforestation leaves wild animals and birds homeless. We, humans face a lot of undesirable environmental changes. The most threatening one is Global Warming. Deforestation affects seasonal cycles. We experience droughts or floods, long summer or winter, thus, deforestation affects seasonal cycles. One more harmful effect of deforestation is soil erosion. Thus, the harmful consequences of deforestation are manifold. Tropical rainforests are being felled substantially for the purpose of farming and human habitation.

Afforestation should be done in a large scale. This should be initiated by government and we all should actively participate and involve and most importantly act to protect mother nature. We should permit tribal people to use twigs and dry woods instead of felling trees for firewood. If we incentivize tree plantation in the fringes of the forests, the tribal community will earn some livelihood and at the same time protect the forests from greedy timber smugglers.

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4

Question 46.
Read the following sentences, spot the errors and rewrite the sentences correctly.
(a) Neither of the boys are guilty.
(b) Balaji is junior than me.
(c) He is a honourable man.
(d) Slow and steady win the race
(e) The news are very good.
(a) Neither of the boys is guilty.
(b) Balaji is junior to me.
(c) He is an honourable man.
(d) Slow and steady wins the race.
(e) The news is very good.


Fill in the blanks appropriately.
(a) Vani’s ……… daughter ………. to the new situation well, (adopted / adapted)
(b) Dravid ……….. play the piano. (Fill in with a modal verb)
(c) She ………. read many books in school. (Fill in with a semi-modal)
(d) ……….. you have an entry pass, you can get in. (Use a suitable link word)
(a) adopted, adapted
(b) can
(c) used to
(d) If

Question 47.
Identify each of the following sentences with the fields given below.
(a) General Elections take place after every five years in India.
(b) The Reserve Bank revised the interest rate.
(c) One thousand interest connections were given in Pollachi.
(d) The new serial will begin on Monday.
(e) Athletics rarely gets coverage in the Media.
(Cpmmerce, Politics, Sports, Maths, Computer)
(a) Politics;
(b) Commerce;
(c) Computer;
(d) Media;
(e) Sports

Tamil Nadu 11th English Model Question Paper 4


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.
Tejaswini Sawant is an Indian shooter from the Maharashtrian city of Kolhapur. Her father Ravinder Sawant was an officer in the Indian Navy. Tejaswini represented India in 2004 at the 9th South Asian Sports Federation Games. She, in the 2006 Commonwealth Games, won one gold medal in Women’s 10m Air Rifle Singles and Women’s 10m Air Rifle pairs. In 2009, in the 50m Rifle 3 positions, she won a bronze and in 2010 she became a world champion in 50m Rifle Prone game held in Germany. In the 2010 Commonwealth Games, she won one bronze and two silver medals in the women’s 50m Rifle Prone Pairs, the Women’s 50m Rifle Prone Singles and the Women’s 50m Rifle 3 positions respectively. Tejaswini was the first Indian shooter to win a Gold medal at the world championship in 50m Rifle Prone Game.

  1. Who is Tejaswini Sawant?
  2. In which year did she represent India at the 9th South Asian Sports Federation Games?
  3. In which year did she win gold medal?
  4. Where was the Rifle Prone game held in where she became the world champion?
  5. What did she win in 2010 Commonwealth Games?


  1. Tejaswini Sawant is an Indian shooter.
  2. She represented India at the 9th South Asian Sports Federation Games in 2004.
  3. In 2006, she won a Gold medal in the Commonwealth Games.
  4. She became a world champion in the 50m Rifle Prone game held in Germany.
  5. In the 2010 Commonwealth Games, she won one bronze and two silver medals.

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