Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Antonyms

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Antonyms

Choose the most appropriate antonym of the underlined word.
Question 1.
Technology impacts the environment, people and the society as a whole.
(a) partial (b) entire (c) unabridged (d) hollow
(a) partial

Question 2.
They continue to grapple with the challenges of inclusion.
(a) seclusion (b) enclosure (c) addition (d) exclusion
(d) exclusion

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Antonyms

Question 3.
Your entire energy management can be taken care by automating.
(a) complete (b) perfect (c) partial (d) whole
(c) partial

Question 4.
Well, anything which is a certain threshold, can be self-ordered.
(a) unsure (b) sure (c) convinced (d) ascertain
(a) unsure

Question 5.
Your refrigerator can directly link to the e-commerce site.
(a) unswervingly (b) openly (c) indirectly (d) straightly
(c) indirectly

Question 6.
India Meteorological Department collected data for monitoring marine pollution.
(a) distributed (b) cancelled (c) threshold (d) bridge
(a) distributed

Question 7.
It is a great boost to women in the country.
(a) broaden (b) increase (c) knock (d) brew
(c) knock

Question 8.
You don’t have to use any auxiliary means of repulsion.
(a) disgust (b) revolution (c) repercussions (d) attraction
(d) attraction

Question 9.
It is about a hurricane force of wind on land.
(a) farce (b) vigour (c) weakness (d) potency
(c) weakness

Question 10.
I wanted to make sure that I complete this journey with ultimate honesty.
(a) honourable (b) dishonesty (c) rectitude (d) scrupulousness
(b) dishonesty

Question 11.
So my contention was to go by the rules of circumnavigation.
(a) disagreement (b) agreement (c) dispute (d) deputation
(b) agreement

Question 12.
The ghost raised such a hullabaloo of misunderstandings.
(a) misinterpretation (b) calculations (c) silence (d) tumult
(c) silence

Question 13.
They were the steps of a man walking rapidly.
(a) forcibly (b) speedily (c) hurriedly (d) leisurely
(d) leisurely

Question 14.
The cops were reluctant to leave.
(a) indisposed (b) settle (c) keen (d) lazy
(c) keen

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Antonyms

Question 15.
The police were on hand in a commendably short time.
(a) laudably (b) outrageously (c) committedly (d) admirably
(b) outrageously

Question 16.
He believed that General Meade’s men, were beginning to retreat.
(a) rejoice (b) advance (c) evacuation (d) withdrawal
(b) advance

Question 17.
The steps had ceased.
(a) stopped (b) seized (c) begun (d) terminated
(c) begun

Question 18.
Then, as I hurried by as fast as I could go.
(a) hassled (b) released (c) relaxed (d) warmed
(c) relaxed

Question 19.
The oppressors dominated over the language and culture of the Germans.
(a) liberated (b) released (c) conquered (d) controlled
(a) liberated

Question 20.
The Prussians defeated the French.
(a) aimed (b) brought (c) triumphed (d) drained
(c) triumphed

Question 21.
He has been sinking.
(a) drowning (b) foaling (c) running (d) sleeping
(b) foaling

Question 22.
The man was startled.
(a) reassured (b) amused (c) alarmed (ð) annoyed
(a) reassured

Question 23.
He was a frail man.
(a) weak (b) feeble (c) strong (d) thin
(c) strong

Question 24.
How ignorant you are!
(a) lacking in knowledge (b) well- informed (c) uninformed (d) unaware
(b) well- informed

Question 25.
You will Persuade him to come.
(a) dissuade (b) urge (c) distract
(a) dissuade

Question 26.
He failed to muster up courage to take that plunge.
(a) dive (b) climb (c) fall (d) plume
(b) climb

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Antonyms

Question 27.
He even gnawed at the dried pieces of eggshell.
(a) parched (b) dehydrated (c) fresh (d) new
(c) fresh

Question 28.
He then trotted back and forth from one end of the ledge to the other.
(a) scurried (b) sauntered (c) tracked (d) rolled
(b) sauntered

Question 29.
The precipice was sheer.
(a) steep (b) gradual (c) effervescence (d) recap
(b) gradual

Question 30.
They were beckoning to him, calling shrilly.
(a) summoning (b) signaling (c) dismissing (d) requesting
(c) dismissing

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Antonyms

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