Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Phrasal Verb

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Phrasal Verb

Replace the underlined phrasal verb with a single word or vice versa in the following sentences.
Question 1.
The jailor could not make out who was trying to scale the compound wall as there was pitch darkness.
(a) to make (b) understand (c) to patch up (d) organise
(b) understand

Question 2.
She put on her rain coat and went out in her scooter.
(a) weighed (b) took (c) wore (d) designed
(c) wore

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Phrasal Verb

Question 3.
It is the duty of sons/daughters to take care of parents in old age.
(a) right (b) box (c) hatch (d) safeguard
(d) safeguard

Question 4.
Raja and Chandran finally saw eye to eye on the new business venture.
(a) agreement (b) faced each other (c) scorned (d) met
(a) agreement

Question 5.
The party candidates got through with a thumping majority in the recent by-elections.
(a) had a tough time (b) escaped (c) succeed (d) illegal entry
(c) succeed

Question 6.
The NGOs and Disaster management force pulled together to reach the relief supplies to the stranded people.
(a) pulled each other (b) managed (c) negotiated (d) worked harmoniously
(b) managed

Question 7.
Drinking tells upon one’s health.
(a) is good for (b) ruins (c) advises (d) boosts
(b) ruins

Question 8.
The Government pleader wanted the will in black and white and refused to accept the spoken words of the deceased.
(a) carbon paper (b) black pen (c) proof (d) photocopy
(c) proof

Question 9.
The Prime Minister announced that the financial position will turn around within 50 days.
(a) become worse (b) diminish (c) change (d) improve/recover
(d) improve/recover

Question 10.
The sons and son-in-law fell out over sharing the company’s profit.
(a) quarreled (b) fell down (c) fainted (d) were anxious
(a) quarreled

Question 11.
Nirmala was at sea as Government buses did not operate in the whole city.
(a) making sand castle (b) ashore (c) confused (d) playful
(c) confused

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Phrasal Verb

Question 12.
Kumar spoke pointlessly irritating his fans.
(a) beat about the bush (b) blew his own trumpet (c) told a cock and bull story (d) moved heaven and earth
(a) beat about the bush

Question 13.
Chasing wealth has become a common trait among many politicians now.
(a) run on (b) run down (c) running after (d) run around
(c) running after

Question 14.
Socrates persuaded people to believe that those who knew what they did not know were wise.
(a) brought the people round (b) brought them home (c) drove home (d) ate their humble pie
(a) brought the people round

Question 15.
It was difficult to restrain my tears on seeing the natural calamity in Japan devastating the lives of people.
(a) hold on (b) hold back (c) hold off (d) hold away
(a) hold on

Question 16.
The boss turned down the union leaders’ demand for 11% bonus.
(a) dismissed (b) rejected (c) considered (d) fired
(b) rejected

Question 17.
Priya complied with the instructions of the company.
(a) modified (b) neglected (c) was angered (d) agreed to
(d) agreed to

Question 18.
Under the influence of magic mushroom, the college student talked through his hat.
(a) discussed (b) Spoke carelessly (c) talk nonsense (d) spoke looking above
(c) talk nonsense

Question 19.
Rajalingam is a man of letters.
(a) thoughtful person (b) writes letters (c) scholar (d) reads letters
(c) scholar

Question 20.
There is no hard and fast instructions to leave the slippers outside a library.
(a) proper (b) strict (c) necessary (d) advice
(b) strict

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Phrasal Verb

Question 21.
Laymen should never meddle with law.
(a) interfere with (b) play with (c) use (d) make
(a) interfere with

Question 22.
Mistry burnt his fingers in the meger of two sinking steel plants in Africa.
(a) pointed his fingers (b) hurt his fingers (c) caught fire (d) incurred loss
(d) incurred loss

Question 23.
Students are expected to discharge their duties towards themselves and to their parents.
(a) carry on (h) carry off (c) carry out (d) carry away
(c) carry out

Question 24.
You must resist continuously to defend your right views.
(a) stand off (b) stand out (c) stand in (d) stand by
(b) stand out

Question 25.
Students should know how to have a friendly relationship with their class.
(a) get up (b) get back (c) get on (d) get into
(c) get on

Question 26.
I will discard these letters.
(a) throw out (b) throw off (c) take off (d) take up
(a) throw out

Question 27.
The champion yielded to the strength of his opponent.
(a) gave on (b) gave back (c) gave in (d) gave up
(c) gave in

Question 28.
He renounced his wealth and became a social worker.
(a) gave in (b) gave on (c) gave up (d) gave out
(c) gave up

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Phrasal Verb

Question 29.
Naresh wishes to die working.
(a) die in harness (b) die eating his words (c) laugh in his sleeves (d) take the cues
(a) die in harness

Question 30.
Kabeer was rescued at the eleventh hour.
(a) initially (b) last-minute (c) on the cards (d) bolt from the blue
(b) last minute

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