Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 1 The Envious Neighbour

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 1 The Envious Neighbour

The Envious Neighbour Warm Up:

Discuss the following:

Question 1.
Ratna Tata, Azim Premji is a few rich people of India who spend a part of their wealth on charity. What influences them to share and care for others?
A philanthropic attitude leads to service and caring for others, sharing one’s joys with others, makes one’s life really worth living.

Question 2.
Think of any undesirable quality that you would like to get rid of and discuss it with your friends.
My anger is my greatest enemy. All my friends praise me that I have a helping tendency and a sharing heart. But they don’t like me getting angry at times. When I get angry, I lose my self-control and create an unpleasant situation. I would like to get rid of this undesirable quality by keeping myself calm. When I get frustrated, I can count numbers from 1 to 20 slowly, so that my anger can subside during that time.

Question 3.
‘Do you like pets? Why?
Yes, I like pets, especially dogs. I have a pet dog at home. I have named it as ‘Caesar’. It is a German Shepherd dog. Pet dogs are man’s best friends. They are loyal, intelligent, devoted and affectionate towards us. They are known to improve our own physical and mental health.

A. Identify the character or speaker of the following lines.

Question 1.
They gathered the treasure.
The honest old couple

Question 2.
The pine tree under which, I am hurried, to be cut down and made into a mortar.
The dog to the good old man

Question 3.
They dug, and found nothing but a quantity of dirt and nasty offal.
The envious neighbours

Question 4.
He had not to wait long before he was called into the prince’s palace, and ordered to exhibit his power.
The envious old man

Question 5.
The dog

Identify The Character / Speaker – Additional

Question 1.
They seized the dog and killed him.
The Wicked old couple

B. Based on your understanding of the story choose the right answers from the given options.

Question 1.
The old farmer and his wife loved the dog
(a) because it helped them in their day-to-day work.
(b) as if it was their own baby.
(c) as they were kind to all living beings.
(b) as if it was their own baby

Question 2.
When the old couple became rich, they
(a) gave the dog better food.
(b) invited their greedy neighbours to a feast.
(c) lived a comfortable life and were generous towards their poor neighbours.
(c) lived a comfortable life and were generous towards their poor neighbours

Question 3.
The greedy couple borrowed the mortar to make
(a) rich pastry and bean sauce.
(b) magic ash to win rewards.
(c) a pile of gold.
(c) a pile of gold

C. Answer the following questions in a paragraph of about 80 to 100 words.

Question 1.
The old farmer was a kind person. Justify the statement with suitable examples from the story.
Once there lived an old farmer in a village. He was an honest man, The farmer and his wife used to work in their fields. He used to help the poor and needy, Their neighbours were an old couple. They were not good people. They were jealous of this old farmer and his wife. They borrowed whatever they wanted from the farmer.

The farmer was never getting cross with the neighbour. The neighbours suffered a lot for their daily food, The farmer gave them a share of his wealth to meet their needs. He tried to change their attitude by helping them in kind. They understood the kindness of the old farmer. The neighbours became very happy and thanked the old farmer. They all lived in harmony and peace.

Question 2.
How did the dog help the farmer even after its death?
The dog appeared in his dream and told him to cut the pine tree, make it into a mortar and use it, thinking of it, as if it were the dog itself. The old man did as was told. When he ground his rice in it, each grain turned into some rich treasure.

Question 3.
Why did the Prince reward the farmer but punish the neighbour for the same act?
A certain prince hearing of the power of the ashes sent for the good old man. He sprinkled the ashes on the withered plum and cherry trees. The trees began to shoot out and blossom. So, the Prince gave him a rich reward of pieces of silk and cloth and other presents. The wicked old man also entered the Princes place to show his power of reviving dead trees.

The Prince ordered him to. exhibit his power. When he climbed up into a withered tree and scattered the ashes, not a but or flower appeared. All the ashes flew into the Prince’s eyes and mouth, blinding and chocking him. When the retainers saw this they seized the old man and beat him almost to death. He and his wife found out that they had fallen into a trap. They scolded themselves for their act of greed.

Question 4.
Bring out the difference between two neighbours with suitable examples to support your view.
The old farmer was an honest and kind person. He showed kindness to everyone and helped the needy at all times. But his neighbour was an envious person. He was covetous and a stingy old man. These qualities of the two neighbours were clearly shown in the story when they nursed the dog. The good old man fed it with fish and tit-bit from his own kitchen. But when the dog was borrowed for a few days by his neighbour, he prepared a great feast for it not out of concern but to flatter it to show them the place of wealth.

Earlier, the dog had received nothing but cuffs and kicks from this wicked man. When the dog did not help the wicked man, he killed it. The wicked did a lot of misdeeds to the good old farmer. Yet they forgave him and his wife and gave them a share of their own riches.

D. Refer to what happens in the folktale and complete the story with the help of the hints given in the mind map.

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 1 The Envious Neighbour 1

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 1 The Envious Neighbour 2


  1. dog, which
  2. who came and borrowed the dog
  3. killed it
  4. and burnt it
  5. and put them in a basket

The Envious Neighbour Summary:

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 1 The Envious Neighbour 3

An honest man lived with his wife. They had a pet dog, which they used to feed with fish and tit-bit from their own kitchen. One day, when the couple went to work in their garden, their dog stopped at a place and started to bark. When the couple dug that place, they found gold and silver pieces being buried there. They gathered the treasure and after giving alms to the poor, bought themselves rice-fields and com fields and became wealthy people.

Their neighbours, who were stingy old couple, envied them and borrowed their dog to see if they could find any treasure with the help of the dog. They led the dog out into the garden. It walked along the garden without any barking for a long time. At last, the dog stopped at a certain spot and began to sniff. They hastily dug the spot, but found only dirt and nasty things. Furious at being disappointed, the old couple killed the dog.

When the good old man came to know that his dog was buried at the root of a pine tree, with a heavy heart, he burnt incense and adorned the grave with flowers. That night, the dog appeared to him in his sleep and instructed him to cut down the pine tree where it was buried, make it into a mortar and to use it, thinking of it, as if it were the dog itself. The old man did, as he was told to do, but when he ground his rice in it, each grain of rice turned into some rich treasure.

Seeing this, the wicked couple borrowed the mortar. But as soon as they used it, all their rice turned into filth. So, in anger, they broke it and burnt it. One night, the dog appeared again to the old man in his dream. It told him to sprinkle the ashes of the burnt mortar on withered trees. The trees would revive and bloom with flowers.

He obeyed the dog, as instructed, bringing the dead trees to life. A certain prince utilised his power and gave him a rich reward. But the envious neighbours got thrashing from the guards of the prince when they tried to do the same act. Finally, when the good old couple heard of this, they sent for the neighbours and gave them a share of their own riches. After this, the wicked people mended their ways and led a good and virtuous life ever after.

The Envious Neighbour Glossary:

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 1 The Envious Neighbour 4

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