Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Grammar Parts of Speech

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Grammar Parts of Speech

Identify, the various Parts of speech for the highlighted words in the following sentences:

1. The students will be admitted from tomorrow.
2. We went to the library last Saturday.
3. Wow, what a beautiful picture!
4. Manjula ran slowly when compared with the others.
5. The box was kept under the table.
6. I want to go now.
7. What are you doing there?
8. There is a cat underneath the piano.
9. Masons build houses.

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Grammar Parts of Speech

10. Shyla looked up but didn’t see anything.
11. My family will arrive from different parts of India.
12. Isn’t this a difficult question?
13. She was very impressed with her results.
14. She is poor yet contented.
15. The policeman didn’t run fast enough to catch the thief.
16. We left for the mountain just before six in the morning.
17. We had lunch at a Thai restaurant.
18. My friend wasn’t strong to lift that heavy trunk.
19. I helped him carry it.
20. The weather was very cold.
21. Oh! How hot and humid it is!
22. We didn’t spend the night there.
23. They came home late otherwise I would have gone to sleep earlier.
24. We were very hungry.
25. Though I came early, I couldn’t get an application.
1. Common Noun 2. Adjective 3. Interjection 4. Proper Noun 5. Preposition 6. Adverb 7. Pronoun 8. Preposition 9. Verb
10. Adverb 11. Collective noun 12. Adjective 13. Preposition 14. Conjunction 15. Adverb 16. Verb 17. Noun 18. Adjective
19. Pronoun 20. Verb 21. Interjection 25. Conjunction 22. Adverb 23. Conjunction 24. Pronoun

◊ Identify the Pronouns in the following sentences:
1. We entered the building and climbed up the stairs.
2. ‘This was my favorite room,’ said Aditya.
3. He turned and faced us.
4. ‘Shall I laugh or cry? Aditya has given me money!
5. Our next stop was the house of Jogesh Kabiraj.
1. We
2. my
3. He/us
4. I/me
5. Our

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Grammar Parts of Speech

◊ Identify the Prepositions in the following sentences:
1. The attic has always been a favorite with children.
2. When he had finished, Aditya asked, ‘May we come in?’
3. Peering intently at Aditya, Sasanka Sanyal smiled and said, ‘I had recognised you’.
4. However, he heaved a sigh of relief when he had got what he had been looking for.
5. He wore a dhoti and a blue shirt that could be seen from under a green shawl.
1. with
2. in
3. at
4. of/for
5. from/under

◊ Identify the adjectives in the following sentences:
1. I was quite a good student but could never beat me.
2. The veteran jeweler remarked that it was an antique.
3. So I recited the same poem that I had recited on the prize-giving day.
4. Aditya’s father left the ancestral home and moved to Kolkata.
5. I noticed a sudden change in Aditya’s expression.
1. good
2. veteran
3. same
4. ancestral
5. sudden

◊ Identify the verbs in the following sentences:
1. The floor was strewn with twigs and straw and pigeon droppings.
2. The spoilt child of affluent parents!
3. Harvest was over and there had been a good crop that year.
4. I didn’t ask Aditya anything.
5. We remained silent.
1. was strewn
2. spoilt
3. was/had been
4. did /ask
5. remained

◊ Identify the adverbs in the following sentences:
1. Silver is now thirty times costlier than before.
2. So, the medal hidden in the attic was eventually restored to its owner.
3. He put down his carving, stood up and walked very slowly to his room.
4. I never meant for you to go to war.
5. She got dressed and went outside.
1. now/before
2. eventually
3. slowly
4. never
5. outside

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Grammar Parts of Speech

◊ Identify the conjunctions in the following sentences:
1. “Did you hear what the Emperor says each family must do?”
2. If I may say so, why at your age must you keep up with all those young men?”
3. She poured her father a cup of tea and handed it to him.
4. You showed me how to use a sword.
5. He tried to get up but had to hold on to his chair.
6. Her battles went so well that she was put in charge of more soldiers.
7. Come at once or you will not be given an opportunity.
8. Neither Ravi nor Raj accepted the offer.
9. The matter should be taken to the authorities or else it will be repeated.
10. You better hurry otherwise you will not reach before dark.
1. what
2. if
3. and
4. how
5. but
6. that
7. or
8. Neither/nor
9. or else
10. otherwise

◊ Identify the interjections in the following sentences:
1. Ouch! Kevin was just stung by a bee.
2. Hey, bring that back here.
3. What do you mean that you can’t visit, huh?
4. Wow! You look great tonight.
5. That was the best performance that I have ever seen, bravo!
6. Miners used to shout, eureka, when they struck gold.
7. “Shoo!” shouted the woman when she saw the cat licking milk from her cereal bowl.
8. Yippee, I made this picture all by myself.
9. Hurray! Our Christmas vacation starts tomorrow.
10. Alas! Helen aunty has breathed her last.
1. Ouch
2. Hey
3. huh
4. Wow
5. bravo
6. eureka
7. Shoo
8. Yippee
9. Hurray
10. Alas

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Grammar Parts of Speech

◊ Identify the Nouns in the following sentences:
1. We lived in Mumbai.
2. The crew was mentored.
3. Our families didn’t accept readily.
4. Four of us were from the mountains.
5. The Sea can get really tough during a storm.
1. Mumbai
2. crew
3. families
4. mountains
5. sea/storm

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