Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 3 Earthquake

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 3 Earthquake

Earthquake Warm Up:

When was the last time you helped someone? Write a few instances of your act of kindness.
I had helped a blind person cross the road few months ago. I have helped my friends who had been absent in class due to illness to complete the notes. I had given money to people who asked they needed it to buy bus tickets.

Earthquake Textual Questions

A. Fill in the blanks with words from the text.

  1. The name of the narrator is _________________ .
  2. There were _________________ villages in the valley.
  3. Brij went to Pauri to buy his _________________ .
  4. The soldiers had set up a _________________
  5. Bhuli had been buried under the debris for _________________  hours.


  1. Brij
  2. six hundred and seventy
  3. school books
  4. makeshift hospital
  5. hundred and sixteen

Additional Questions

Fill in the blanks with words from the text.

  1. Are you waiting for the bus to …………………. ?
  2. In ……………… minutes, Brij will have the fire going in his tea shop.
  3. Brij is a young boy aged ……………………. .
  4. Brij’s ancestral home was in ………………. village.
  5. The earthquake occured in the month of ………………. four years ago.
  6. The earthquake was felt as far as ……………. and ……………… .
  7. ………………… days were gonne by before the help arrived.
  8. Brij had a brother named ……………… and a baby sister named
  9. A ………………. camp was set up by the soldiers.
  10. ……………….. survived a hundred and sixteen hours under the debris after the earthquake.


  1. Badrinath
  2. ten
  3. seventeen
  4. Molthi
  5. October
  6. Delhi, Lucknow
  7. Four
  8. Nilu, Bhuli
  9. makeshift
  10. Bhuli

B. Based on your understanding of the story, choose the right answers from the options.

Question 1.
Brij started a tea shop because he wanted to _________________ .
(a) start a company.
(b) serve the people.
(c) go on a pilgrimage.
(d) become a tour guide.
(b) serve the people

Question 2.
Molthi was completely devastated because of _________________ .
(a) a high intensity earthquake.
(b) thunder and hail storm!
(c) drought and famine.
(d) flash floods
a high intensity earthquake.

Question 3.
The brother searched everywhere and looked dejected because _________________ .
(a) he couldn’t find his house.
(b) he couldn’t locate his sister.
(c) he was hungry and didn’t eat for a few days.
(d) he lost his school books.
he couldn’t locate his sister.

Question 4.
The boy had great reverence and respect for Army officers as they _________________ .
(a) were brave and courageous,
(b) worked day and night
(c) saved his sister from death.
(d) all the above.
saved his sister from death

Question 5.
Brij finally offered the traveller a _________________ .
(a) cup of milk
(b) cup of tea
(c) glass of water
(d) cup of coffee
cup of tea

C. Identify the character or speaker of the following lines.

  1. Greetings, traveller. You looked tired and cold.
  2. Tomorrow, we will go back to Pauri.
  3. Whom are you looking for?
  4. My men have been on their feet for days.
  5. May God be with you!


  1. Brij
  2. Uncle
  3. Army officer
  4. Army officer
  5. Brij

Additional Questions

  1. Perhaps, you are a pilgrim or a visitor to the Valley of Flowers?
  2. It was sheer chance that I was away that night.
  3. We feared the worst.
  4. When they began to clear the debris.
  5. Come, you must perform the last rites before sunset.
  6. They stood at the doorway and waved.
  7. They have not found her.
  8. But we must find her.
  9. Boy, it is no use.
  10. Whom are you looking for?
  11. All I want is to give her a proper cremation.
  12. I could see that he was bonetired.
  13. My men have been on their feet for days
  14. A terrible despair engulfed me.
  15. They laboured doggedly.
  16. He stood in the middle of a small hollow.
  17. Then, they lifted the door.
  18. She is alive!
  19. My sister and I went on to live with my uncle.
  20. And one day, I did find him.


  1. Brij
  2. Brij
  3. Brij and uncle
  4. Soldier
  5. Uncle
  6. Ma, grandma, Nilu and Bhuli
  7. Soldiers
  8. Brij
  9. Uncle
  10. Army officer
  11. Brij
  12. Brij
  13. Army officer
  14. Brij
  15. The soldiers
  16. The soldiers
  17. The soldier
  18. The soldiers
  19. Brij and Bhuli
  20. Brij, the army officer.

D. Answer the following questions in a paragraph of about 80 to 100 words.

Question 1.
Explain the efforts taken by the Army Officer to save the baby.
Title: Earth Quake
Author: M.S. Mahadevan
Character: Brij, the narrator, Brij’s Uncle, Grandma, Nilu, Bhuli and Army officer.
Theme: “Where there is love, there is God”

It was a cheer chance that Brij, the narrator, was away last night. He stayed in his uncle’s house at Pauri. They felt the tremor. They had run out into open. He reached home at Molthi with his uncle. Help arrived only after four days. The narrator two years old sister Bhuli was missing. The soldiers cleared the debris. They had set up a makeshift camp.

The narrator was crying and searching but in vain. The Army officer said that it was of no use to search anymore. It was dark and someone brought a few lit petromax lamps. A soldier stood in the middle of a hollow. The narrator recognized a small door. Someone said that she was alive. It was a miracle. She was taken to the made shift hospital. Thus the narrator’s little sister Bhuli was saved. It was a miracle.

“Confidence is the secret of success”

Question 2.
Brij has become a symbol of love and humanity. Explain.
Brij was happy to have Bhuli after a tough rescue operation. The officer who helped him was never seen again. He wanted to thank that Army officer. He hoped that one day he would run into him again. So Bhuj offered special tea with love and care to all tired travellers, army officers, and soon every person who went that way. He felt a surge of sheer joy. He considered it a humble service. Brij has become an epitome of love and a symbol of humanity.

E. Answer the following questions based on the reading of the story. Do not forget to go back to the passage whenever necessary to find and confirm the answers.

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 3 Earthquake 1
Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 3 Earthquake 2

Additional Questions:

Question 1.
Where did Brij work first?
Brij worked in a roadside shop outside Panipat.

Question 2.
Where was the Molthi village located?
Molthi village was located near a valley that consisted of the epicentre.

Question 3.
Where did Brij go on the night the earthquake occured?
Brij had gone to Pauri to buy his school books.

Question 4.
When Brij was going to perform the last rites, who was missing?
When Brij was going to perform the last rites his two-year-old sister Bhuli was missing.

Question 5.
Did Brij find the officer who had saved his sister?
No, Brij did not find the officer who saved his sister.

Question 6.
Who built the house Brij was living in before the earthquake?
Brij was living in the house his great grandfather had built in Molthi.

Earthquake Summary:

Brij is a young boy having his own tea shop by the roadside. He meets a traveler and invites him to his shop and starts telling the incidences that took place in his life. He used to stay in Molthi village with his grandmother, mother, brother and a baby sister. Their village was not far from the epicenter and hence used to experience frequent tremors. One day he happened to go to the village Pauri, to buy his school books.

As it had become late he stayed in his uncle’s house. That night they were experiencing frequent tremors because of which they could not sleep that night. This resulted in numerous landslides and it took four days for the army officers to arrive at . Molthi. Brij and his uncle were the first to arrive after the army officers. They weren’t prepared for what they had seen that day, every single house had been brought down to the ground.

The soldiers began to clear the debris and not until that evening did they find the bodies. His uncle asked him to perform the last rite, that’s when he saw that his baby sister was missing. Hoping to find her, he ran to the place where his house stood once and started clearing the debris and searching for his sister.

One officer, seeing this said that there is no point in searching anymore since they have done their maximum and that there is no hope to find anyone alive. Brij did not pay heed to him and continued his search, but the officer left. He came after ten minutes along with three more officers and started to clear the debris. On clearing the debris, after two hours they realized to be standing in the middle of a hollow, and Brij could instantly see the foot of his sister.

The soldier exclaimed, saying the little girl was alive. He immediately wrapped her and carried her to the nearby makeshift hospital. The next day, when he had gone to thank the army officer, he had already left. He was very disappointed at this and whenever he used to see an army officer or a tired traveler, he remembered the officer who saved his sister’s life and would serve him tea for free as this made him very happy. In the same way, he offers this traveler also a cup of tea, and when his bus arrives wishes him a safe journey.

Earthquake Glossary:

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 3 Earthquake 3
Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 3 Earthquake 4

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