Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Grammar Degrees of Comparison

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Grammar Degrees of Comparison

A comparison can be made using the three forms of an adjective.
The adjective is a word that describes or qualifies a noun. It gives more information about a noun.
(e.g.) The tiger is a strong animal.

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Grammar Degrees of Comparison

There are three degrees of comparison :

  1. Positive (e.g.) Kumar is a kind man.
  2. Comparative (e.g.) A tsunami is more destructive than a cyclone.
  3. Superlative (e.g.) Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world.

Read The Following Example

Positive Comparative Superlative
No other girl in the class is as tall as Ramya. Ramya is taller than any other girl in the class. Ramya is the tallest girl in the class.
Very few girls in the class are as tall as Ramya. Ramya is taller than most other girls in the class. Ramya is one of the tallest girls in the class.
Positive Comparative Superlative
good better best
bad worse worst
little less least
much, many, some more most
far further furthest

The Positive Degree is used to express or describe a quality.
The Positive Degree of an adjective states the characteristic of the noun.
(e.g.) It is a tall building.
(e.g.) Mango is sweet to taste.

The Comparative Degree is used when two things (or two sets of things) are compared.
(e.g.) This building is taller than any other building.
(e.g.) Mango is sweeter than pineapple.

The Superlative Degree is used when more than two things are compared.
(e.g.) This is the tallest building.
(e.g.) Mango is the sweetest fruit.

Examples :
Prabhu is young. (Positive Degree)
Prabhu is younger than Amirtha. (Comparative Degree)
Prabhu is the youngest of all. (Superlative Degree)

For adjectives of the multi syllabus we add
MORE (or LESS) for the comparatives and MOST (or LEAST) for the superlatives.

Positive Comparative Superlative
useful more useful most useful
unfortunate more unfortunate most unfortunate
expensive more expensive most expensive
important more important most important

(i) Complete the following sentences.
1. She is from her sister.
(a) pretty (b) prettier (c) prettiest
(b) prettier

2. Priyaisa girl.
(a) nice (b) nicer (c) nicest
(a) nice

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Grammar Degrees of Comparison

3. Supriyaisthe girl in the class.
(a) intelligent (b) more intelligent (c) most intelligent
(c) most intelligent

4. Martin speaks English
(a) well (b) better (c)best
(a) well

5. Nile is the river in the world.
(a) long (b) longer (c) longest
(c) longest

6. India is a country.
(a) big (b) bigger (c) biggest
(a) big

7. China is than India.
(a) big (b) bigger (c) biggest
(b) bigger

8. This is the book I have ever read.
(a) interesting (b) more interesting (c) most interesting
(c) most interesting

9. I am than you.
(a) smart (b) smarter (c) smartest
(b) smarter

10. Take the of the two routes.
(a) short (b) shorter (d) shortest
(b) shorter

(ii) Complete the following sentences using the correct degree of the adjective given in the brackets.
1. My brother’s handwriting is (bad) mine.
worse than

2. Health is wealth, (important)
more important than

3. Blood is water, (thick)
thicker than

4. Everest is peak in the world, (high)
the highest peak

5. This is play I have ever heard on the radio, (interesting)
the most interesting

6. Sushila is of all the four sisters, (beautiful)
the most beautiful

7. The planet Mars is from the earth than the satellite Moon, (far)

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Grammar Degrees of Comparison

8. The elephant is animal in the world, (large)
the largest

9. An ocean is certainly a sea. (big)
bigger than

10. Iam in cricket than in football, (interested)
more interested

(iii) Write the words in your own sentences using any one of the degrees of comparison.
1. famous
Mr. Ravi is more famous than his friends. (Comparative degree)

2. happy
She is as happy as a lark. (Positive degree)

3. good
Mahesh is the best student in the class. (Superlative degree)

4. sincere
You should be more sincere in your work. (Comparative degree)

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Grammar Degrees of Comparison

5. strong
The lion is the strongest animal in this jungle. (Superlative degree)

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