Samacheer Kalvi 10th English E-Mail Writing

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th English E-Mail Writing

E-mail is one of the fastest and latest ways of communication. It is concise and one needs to be more technical. In such communication, both the addresser and addressee need an E–mail ID where one can write a message. It is communicated through a server. So at both ends there should be a computer or laptop to receive the message.

Hints for writing E–mail

  • Maintain brevity.
  • Make it personal.
  • Answer swiftly.
  • Use simple and lucid language.
  • Use templates for frequently used responses.
  • Do not attach unnecessary files.
  • Use proper structure & layout.
  • Do not write in CAPITALS.
  • Do not overuse Reply to All.
  • Be careful with formatting.
  • Use a meaningful subject.
  • Do not overuse the high priority option.
  • Revise/Review the e-mail before you send it.
  • Take care with abbreviations and emoticons.
  • Do not use e-mail to discuss the confidential matter.

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English E-Mail Writing

Layout of an E-mail
Samacheer Kalvi 10th English E-Mail Writing 1

Solved Questions
(i) You are Sita/Suresh, living at Trichy, Tamil Nadu. Write an e-mail to the health officer of your city drawing his attention to the unsanitary conditions of your locality.

To [email protected]
From [email protected]
Subject Unclean surrounding
I would like to draw your kind attention to the unclean surroundings that have pervaded in our locality.
It is a new locality where one can find big and beautiful buildings. When it was brought into being a few years ago, the municipal authorities had given a word to look into the needs of the residents. Unfortunately, their promises proved to be mere words. The roads of our locality are not cleaned regularly. The sweepers come once in two weeks and the garbage is cleared once in a week only. Adults and children have been infected with different health issues because of this. Kindly do the needful.Yours sincerely

(ii) You are Karthik/Manjula. You have been invited to attend the wedding of your friend’s sister during summer vacation. Write an e–mail to him/her regretting your inability to attend it.

Subject Inability to attend the function
Dear Nandini
Thank you for your cordial invitation of your sister’s wedding. 1, however, regret my inability to be with you on this happy occasion as we shall be leaving for Munar for summer holidays on Pt May, 2OXX. Please excuse my absence. Do convey my regards and best wishes to the couple.Yours sincerely

(iii) Draft a mail to your training coordinator who organised a leadership training programme, for the newly elected leaders for this academic year. Thank the Head of the team as the School Pupil Leader. You are Swathi/Santhosh.

Subject Reg. Leadership Training Programme
Dear Ma’am
I would like to thank you for the one – day leadership training programme conducted on 15th November 2019. The speeches delivered were very inspirational and motivating. The additional tips given for self – improvement also was very useful. I have understood how to carry out my responsibilities with patience and handle critical situations with poise. I thank you for the wonderful opportunity given to me to attend this training programme and for the efforts that you have taken to bring out the best in us.Yours sincerely

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English E-Mail Writing

(iv) You are Deepak/Neetu. Write an email to your class teacher expressing your interest to take part in the forthcoming science exhibition.

To k[email protected]
From [email protected]/[email protected]
Subject Reg. Science Exhibition
Dear Sir
In response to your mail, I have prepared an exhibition model for the Science Exhibition to be held at DAV school on the 25th of August. Please find the attachment with the model details I have come out with for your kind consideration. Waiting in anticipation.Yours sincerely

(v) Write an email in not less than 50 words to the General Manager, Aavin Illam, Madhavaram Milk Colony seeking permission to visit the premises for an educational tour conducted by your school. Sign the email as Anjali/Anand.

From [email protected]!
Subject Reg. Permission to visit Madhavaram Milk Colony
Dear Sir/Madam
Anjali/Anand, am a student studying in Vel Matriculation School, Gopalapuram. My school is planning to take us for an educational tour on 25th of July and asked me to enquire if we can visit Aavin Illam, Madhavaram Milk Colony to learn about the process that takes place in your plant. Therefore, I kindly request you to give us permission to visit the premises and enlighten our knowledge of milk production and supply.Yours sincerely
Anjali/AnandSamacheer Kalvi 10th English E-Mail Writing

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