Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Dialogue Writing

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Dialogue Writing

1. Write a dialogue between a customer and a shop keeper.
Customer : Good morning sir.
Shop Keeper : Good morning. What do you want?
Customer : I want an LED TV.
Shop Keeper : Which brand do you like, sir?
Customer : I want Philips TV.
Shop Keeper : What features do you want in it?
Customer : I want 40 inches along with 3D provision.
Shop Keeper : Here it is, sir. It costs Rs. 50,000/-.
Customer : Could I pay the money through debit card?
Shop Keeper : Yes sir. May I pack this for you?
Customer : Yes.

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Dialogue Writing

2. Write a dialogue with a minimum five utterances between a doctor and a patient who complains of stomachache.
Patient : Good morning, doctor. I have stomach ache.
Doctor : Good morning. Since when?
Patient : From yesterday, doctor.
Doctor : Did you eat oily food from some platform stalls?
Patient : Yes doctor. I took non-veg items from a platform shop.
Doctor : The pain is due to bacterial infection. Take these tablets and tonic twice a day after food.
Patient : O.K. doctor. How much is the bill amount?
Doctor : It is Rs. 200. Take care of your health.
Patient : Thank you doctor.

3. Write a dialogue between you and your mother about the upcoming food carnival in your school.
Daughter : Mummy, there will be a food carnival in our school.
Mother : Oh, It is very nice. When will it be organized?
Daugher : Coming weekend Mummy.
Mother : Do you know who are the participants?
Daughter : My teacher told that around 100 students of classes XI and XII would participate.
Mother : What type of food will they prepare? .
Daughter : They will prepare national and international delicacies that represent various states.
Mother : Will there be fast food stalls?
Daughter : Definitely such stalls will not be allowed. Only traditional food items will be prepared by them.
Mother : That is very good.
Daughter : My teacher instructed that each and every student should bring their parents to the carnival, Mummy.

4. WrIte a dialogue with at least 5 utterances between the manager of a restaurant and an angry customer who finds a fly in his soup.
Waiter : Here’s your soup, Sir.
Customer : Thank you. (tastes the hot soup). What’s this? Eek! A fly in my soup. (shouts) Waiter! No, I’d better talk to the manager.
Manager : Is something wrong?
Customer : It is the soup that is wrong.
Manager : What happened, sir?
Customer : I ordered for a vegetarian soup but ¡ was served a non-veg soup.
Manager : A non-veg. soup? In this hotel?
Customer : Yes, certainly. See this.
Manager : Oh, I’m extremely sorry. Waiter, get him another bowl of soup.
Customer : Oh, no, thank you, not another non-veg. soup.

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Dialogue Writing

5. Write a dialogue with at least five utterances between a bank manager and a student who wants to open a bank account.
Student : Good morning sir, I wish to open a Savings Bank account.
Banker : Good morning. Go through this application, please.
Student : Application seeks information about my address, occupation and income details.
Banker : Yes. Please fill it.
Student : How much should I deposit initially?
Banker : You should deposit at least 500/- If you need a cheque book, you have to maintain a minimum balance of 1000/-
Student : Should I produce any documents?
Banker : Yes, bring a xerox copy of your ration card and you need to give two passport size photos. An account holder of this bank should give a letter of introduction.
Student : Sure, Sir. Thank you.
Banker : Come with all the necessary papers and meet the clerk.
Student : 0k sir, Thank you!

Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Dialogue Writing

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