Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Expansion of Outlines / Hints

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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Expansion of Outlines / Hints

Write a paragraph using the following outlines in about 100 words.
1. Action against legal permissions to spoil environment – movement – codification of ecocide as a fifth crime against peace – to transform our understanding of nature – sustainable use of Nature – formidable challenges – Awareness up – Paris Climate agreement – prevent crimes against Nature.

Codification Of Ecocide

The current legal regime allows states and corporations to despoil the environment with impunity. This injustice has inspired a new movement of legal experts and citizens calling for the codification of ecocide as a fifth crime against peace, joining genocide, crimes of aggression, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Their work aims to transform our understanding of nature from property to an equal partner with humans in building sustainable societies. The political and enforcement hurdles are formidable, but an awakened and engaged citizenry, strengthened by the Paris Climate agreement, may prove powerful enough to elevate the prevention of crimes against nature to an internationally recognized norm.

“Join hands and prevent Crimes against Nature.”

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Expansion of Outlines / Hints

2. The problem of Global Warming – to be controlled – minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases into the environment – preventive steps – Laws. Reduction in thermal power generating stations. – We should not waste paper, planting trees and carpooling – save the earth from the harmful effects.

Global Warming

We need to control the effects of global warming. Emission of greenhouse gases can be minimized by some methods. The Laws that govern pollution and greenhouse gases should be followed. Reduced dependence on thermal power for our electricity need would help towards reducing the quantity of carbon dioxide in the environment. The use of fossil fuels for generating conventional energy is a major contributor of greenhouse gases. We can save paper by keeping documents in electronic format and by not printing emails.. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Trees are helpful in reducing the problem of global warming. We can share our cars while going to office or performing other scheduled activities. On one hand, we will save money, and on the other, we will emit less greenhouse gases.

“Consider Car pooling as one of the options.”

3. A farmer – sons lazy – death bed – anxious – calls sons – dies disclosing secret – gold buried in their dry neglected farm land – Dies – sons dig up – whole farm turned upside – deeply dug – two places water found – gold not found – decide to build two wells – do agriculture – rich in the next decade – wonder – where is gold – ripe paddy shine in sunlight – realize truth

Wise Old Father

Once a farmer became old. He was worried as his sons were very lazy. The farm land was left fallow for four years . Thoms and weeds had grown all over. One evening, he realized that his end was very near. The thought of his sons did not permit him to die in peace. An idea flashed across his mind. He called his sons and said that he had saved every thing in gold and buried them in the farm. The sons sat around the dying man three days on turn to get the information as to where he had buried the gold. But the old man went into a coma and died on the fourth day. The sons were angry but decided to find the hidden treasure. They did not hire others because they wanted the gold for themselves. They dug the whole land .They had dug it very deep in two places from where water started gurgling and pouring out. They built two wells and started farming with the hope they would find the gold one day. After ten years they had become rich and become respected folks in the village. One day the elder son saw the ripe com shining in the golden sunlight. He exclaimed, “ I found the gold”. His brothers asked, ’’where?”. Look at the glistening paddy grains. Our old man has conned us into farm work. Anyway it was for our good only. Had he not made us greedy, we would have wasted our youth in idleness. Let us go and white wash the grave of the old man we had neglected so long. The brothers smiled and agreed.

“Reap what you sow.”

4. India – Solar energy – over 300 million houses – over 300 days of sunshine – target of 40 GW of rooftop solar by 2020 – solar panels – on the roofs of commercial, government and institutional buildings – no break through in the residential sector – a few cities adopt rooftop solar energy – December 2015, the Indian government offer – INR 50 billion (USD 750 million) – for 30% capital subsidy for rooftop solar installations – target of
4.2 GW by 2020 – yet growth restricted to commercial organizations.

Roof Top Solar Energy

With over 300 million houses in India, over 300 days of sunshine, an ambitious target of 40 GW of rooftop solar by 2020 and various states formulating rooftop solar policies, there should have been a solar revolution in Indian homes. Yet, the situation on the ground is quite different. In the building sector, solar panels are primarily finding their way on the roofs of commercial, government and institutional buildings. Unfortunately, there has not been any major breakthrough in the residential sector. There are only a handful that has opted for rooftop solar energy in the cities despite high environmental awareness and access to technology and support.In December 2015, the Indian government rolled out INR 50 – billion (USD 750 million) funding for 30% capital subsidy for rooftop solar installations to create a total capacity of 4.2 GW by 2020. But that has not made the power of natural light attractive enough for consumers or even for solar developers, who are largely focusing on the commercial buildings and institutions.

“Work towards a Developed India.”

5. Earth Day – celebrated on April 22 every year – pledge to protect earth’s environment – soil, water, air polluted by modern factories – large amounts of waste generated everyday – wet and dry waste material to be separated – dry waste used for recycling – wet waste such as vegetable peel, fallen leaves, cow dung, etc. used as manure – for cultivation – pollution-free earth – our aim.

Earth protection

Every year we celebrate Earth Day on 22nd April. Lovers of environment and students take a pledge to protect the earth’s environment. Modem factories pollute water, air and soil. Every day large amounts of waste is generated. We need to do waste management wisely. We have to segregate wet and dry waste. Dry waste must be recycled. Wet waste such as vegetable peel, fallen leaves, cow dung etc must be composted and turned into manure. This natural manure is good for cultivation. By avoiding chemical fertilizers, we can make the earth free from pollution also. Keeping our dear earth free from pollution should be our motto.

“Save Mother Earth from Pollution.”

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Expansion of Outlines / Hints

6. Temperature increase – year by year – season changes – monsoon – fails – rainfall – impair – glacier melts – sea level increases – cutting trees mindlessly – save forest – develop – social forest.

The Need for Social Forestry

Year by year, the temperature has been increasing steadily. There have been erratic seasonal changes in recent times. There is failure of monsoon hitting the agriculture sector hard in India. Due to the mindless felling of trees, there is a phenomenal increase in the climate which has started melting the glaciers. This threatens to raise the sea level and drown all the low lying countries of the world. It is high time we stopped felling of trees and saved the forests. Social forestry is the only way to involve the community in nurturing and protecting forests. If we don’t conserve forests we will perish as a race.

“Plant Trees! Grow Trees!”

7. Sound mind in a sound body – giving importance only to study – sports necessary – shape personality – study and no play – make dull – train – leadership – co-operation – keep good health – discipline.

Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Unfortunately, in many families importance is given only to studies. In some cases, even the health of the child is neglected. It is wise to give equal importance to sports. Physical exercises through regular participation in sports and games, shapes one’s personality. All study and no play make Tom a dull boy. Parents should realize that book worms succeed in examinations but fail in life. Sports only teaches leadership qualities, team spirit and nurtures co–operation among peers. Sports helps one develop discipline and also maintain good health. So, students must pay equal attention to studies and sports to succeed in life.

“Sports makes you focussed and reach your target.”

8. National integration – need of the hour – dividing forces – language, religion, etc. – _ develop tolerance – give up fights – encourage broadmindedness – patience – courteous behavior – patriotism – unity results in victory – peace – happiness.

Be United and Develop Tolerance

National integration is the need of the hour. There are various divisive forces operating on the basis of religion, language, caste and creed. They often carry out activities with the sole aim of disrupting peace and harmony. We need to integrate all these groups into a broader natural spectrum, however painstaking it may be. We have to make relentless efforts to inculcate in them a spirit of tolerance broad mindedness, patience and patriotism. They must be persuaded to give up their militant ways. Ultimately, an united nation will always stand firm in its resolve to assure peace and prosperity to its citizens and victory against its enemies.

“Be united to stay strong.”

9. Weekend holiday necessary – rest after a week of heavy work – can pursue our hobbies – do whatever we enjoy like (examples) – result: refreshed for the next week – no stress, Better performance – better attitude and behavior.

Be Refreshed to Work

Most of the people work hard to make a living. If they work 24 x 7, all over the week without rest, life would naturally become a drudgery. The best way out is to spend the weekend holidays with family members happily. One can spend time in pursuing one’s favorite hobbies like trekking, gardening, fishing, or just watching the beauty of waves meeting the silent shore with noise. One can visit friends or relatives and have one’s emotional batteries recharged. One can visit holy temples, churches or mosques and simply give rest to both the mind. Being quiet and doing nothing for a while helps one introspect to find if one could better the way one relates oneself to others. If all the above is not possible, one can see a good movie and forget the office or hard work. Once a person is refreshed this way, he/she would be stress – free and refreshed to take on the new week’s work with joy and cheerful attitude.

“Lead a meaningful life.”

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Expansion of Outlines / Hints

10. Without hard work – no knowledge – all things – difficult initially – climbing mountains – get arduous training live in camps – minimum food – more hardships – risking life – lesson – no achievement without self – sacrifice – adequate – preparation – high achievers – overcome more difficulties.

Importance of Hardwork

No one can acquire knowledge without doing hard work. All strenuous work may appear very difficult initially. But practice would enable the person to accustom oneself to highly demanding things like mountain climbing also easy. In fact, trekking involves arduous training and the need to manage with minimum food in hostile weather and environment. One may have to risk life in doing such adventure sports. All great accomplishments do require long spells of hardships, training and a lot of self – sacrifice. One becomes a high achiever only after he/she overcomes a lot of difficulties through patience and persistence.

“Perseverance is the key to success.”

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