Team IND dissolves its BGMI roster consisting of Snax, Daljit, and others

Team IND releases its BGMI roster

In a shocking turn of events, Team IND, aka Team Insidious, the popular Indian esports organization bid farewell to their BGMI roster. The announcement was made through the social media channels of Team IND.

In the farewell post, the management stated that parting ways was a difficult decision. But the players on the BGMI roster will, in memory, continue to be an integral part of Team IND’s history. They also said that this decision was taken, keeping the interests of the organization and the players in mind. They wished the players good luck in their future endeavors.

Team IND BGMI roster

Kratos (Samir Choubey)

Trance (Kaustubh Walia)

Snax (Raj Varma)

Daljitsk (Daljit Singh)

Slayer (Kanishk Shah)

Attanki (Randeep Singh Bhullar)

It is unknown whether the roster will stay together as a team or disband as the players have made no official announcement.

Team IND has been one of the most renowned and well-liked teams in BGMI esports. The organization has been competing since the inception of PUBG Mobile esports and has enjoyed some success. During its golden phase in 2019, the team finished second in the PMCO: India Spring Split.

Back then, the team included star player Sc0utOP as well. The lineup of Trance, Kratos, ScoutOP, and Daljitsk, along with Team SouL, became the first representatives of India at a global PUBG Mobile event – PMCO: Global Finals Spring 2019: Berlin.

Team IND is also the only Indian organization to represent the country in all three PUBG Mobile Global events where Indian teams had an allocation. The team has played in the PMCO: Global Finals Spring & Fall 2019 (Berlin and Malaysia) and the PUBG Mobile World League 2020.

Throughout the changes in the lineup and the departure of ScoutOP, Kratos and Trance remained the team’s pillars. Kratos led the squad by being a top-notch in-game leader. The addition of star players like Slayer and Snax in 2019 further boosted the team’s strength as they continued to win many minor tournaments.

After completing the PMWL: 2020, where the team finished 9th, Daljitsk, who had left the team sometime in 2019, rejoined the squad. Attanki, one of the stars of Team Celtz, also joined in late 2020, adding to the gun power. The squad stayed united during the PUBG Mobile ban in India. After the eventual release of BGMI, they won the first official event – The Launch Party.

The sudden release of the roster was not expected and came as a surprise to the BGMI esports followers. Earlier last month, the organization also released its COD Mobile roster, which was doing quite well. GodLike Esports later acquired the COD Mobile roster.

It would be interesting to see which organization acquires Team IND’s BGMI roster. Given the star-studded composition of the team, they are sure to have a new banner sooner or later.

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