How to get rename card in BGMI: Guide to change name easily

Using rename card in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has a massive player base ranging from teenagers to adults. Since the game launched in July 2021, the craze and the buzz for the game have increased day by day.

With BGIS 2021 – BGMI’s first official tournament set to begin from December 4, players around the country have started sharpening their skills. With a huge prize pool of ₹1 Crore at stake, players have formed their respective teams and are eyeing winning the title.


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The players preparing for the tournament, as well as beginners trying out the game, have the urge to change their in-game name. Therefore, the demand for rename cards has rocketed.

While the esports players want to attach clan or organization names to their in-game names, beginners are in search of rename cards to add fancy names and symbols.

What is rename card, and how to get rename card in BGMI?

Rename card is used in Battlegrounds Mobile India to change the nickname of a player in the game. Rename cards become important as it acts as the unique identity of a player. The in-game name can be searched on the server while adding a person as an in-game friend.

Here’s a list of the various ways to obtain rename cards in BGMI.

1) Purchase rename card

Purchasing rename card

Purchasing the rename card from the in-game shop is probably the easiest possible way to get a rename card. However easy it may seem for players who have money to spend on the game, this method can be cumbersome for others.

Rename cards available in the in-game shop cost a player 180UC each. However, this cost amount can be reduced by using UC Discount vouchers.

2) Get a rename card by leveling up

This method does not require any purchase and comes for free. This method is helpful for everyone, especially beginners in BGMI who want to possess at least one rename card in their inventory.

A player needs to level up to at least Level 10 to complete this. He must follow the following steps:

  1. Tap on Missions.
  2. Drop down and click on progress mission.
  3. Move to Level 10 and collect rewards.
  4. Go to in-game mail and claim.

3) Data migration and other specific events

A free rename card is given to users who complete the Data Migration Process from PUBG Mobile to BGMI. The Data Migration Process is safe to complete, and users can get back their inventory from PUBG Mobile.

However, if data migration is already completed, players may wait for specific events in BGMI that would give them an option to obtain rename cards in exchange for event points.

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