How to get Anna character for free in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): Full list of missions

Anna in BGMI

Developed by Krafton Inc., Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) always strives to improve the gaming experience of its users. Along with Free Fire, BGMI is reportedly India’s one of the most premium battle royale mobile game.

Both these games have plenty of characters to choose from and play with. With the introduction of Anna to BGMI in the 1.7 update, the character count has risen to five. Victor, Sara, Carlo, and Andy are the four other special characters.

While the other special comes with an individual price, Victor is the only special character who can be redeemed for free. However, Krafton has decided to put Anna’s cost at 600UC and furthermore, has provided the players with missions to redeem the character for free.

How to get Anna for free in the ‘Anna Joins the Battle’ event?

1) Complete the ‘Anna Joins the Battle’ event

Completing missions to redeem Anna

The character vouchers event is called “Anna Joins the Battle” and here is the list of all the missions and rewards to be obtained upon completion:

  1. Log in for a total of 1 day- 10 character vouchers, 200 BP.
  2. Log in for a total of 2 days- 20 character vouchers, 400 BP.
  3. Log in for a total of 3 days- 30 character vouchers,600 BP.
  4. Log in for a total of 5 days- 50 character vouchers,1000 BP.
  5. Complete 1 match- 10 character vouchers, 200 BP.
  6. Complete 3 matches- 20 character vouchers,40 AG currency.
  7. Complete 10 matches- 40 character vouchers, 4 supply crate coupon scraps.
  8. Spend a total of 60 minutes in the game- 15 character vouchers, 350 BP.
  9. Spend a total of 200 minutes in the game- 35 character vouchers, 650 BP.
  10. Defeat 12 enemies- 30 character vouchers, 60 AG currency.
  11. Travel 2,000 metres in a vehicle- 20 character vouchers, 2 supply crate coupon scraps.
  12. Travel 5,000 metres in a vehicle- 40 character vouchers, 4 supply crate coupon scraps.
  13. Add 1 friend- 10 character vouchers, 200 BP.
  14. Chat with 1 friend- 5 character vouchers, 200 BP.
  15. Complete 1 match while in a group with friends- 15 character vouchers, 1 parachute trial.

2) Wait for the next missions to arrive and complete them

Anticipating Anna Missions

The ‘Anna Joins the Battle’ event, can reward up to a maximum of 350 character vouchers. However, it would be wise to wait for the next set of missions to arrive as they will enable the players to get the remaining character vouchers. They will be required to redeem Anna for free.

The following list of missions may arrive in BGMI after November 26, as they have already arrived in PUBG Mobile.

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