How to download and play BGMI with optimal FPS on low-end Android devices

Playing BGMI on low-end Android devices

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has taken the market for mobile gaming to greater heights. Gamers and content creators have thronged the mobile battle royale game.

BGMI has acquired more than 50 million downloads from the Google Play store alone in just over four months. This shows the craze for the game, which is only available exclusively for users in India.

In this era of technological development and hardware upgrades, there is still a major chunk of gamers who use low-end devices.

This article caters mainly to an Android user base as iOS devices are often high-end and comparatively costlier. Users, time and again, have found ways to play BGMI on low-end devices.

Tips for downloading and playing BGMI with optimal FPS on low-end devices

1) Clear phone storage

One of the primary reasons a game lags on an Android phone is its restricted storage. Clearing phone storage once a week might result in a reduction in BGMI lag and FPS (frames per second) drops.

It is easy to clear storage as one needs to visit the Settings and then search for storage. The user can then get rid of any redundant and less used apps and files.

2) Use game boosters

Playing BGMI with game boosters

Various game boosters and game optimisers are now available on the Google Play store for low-end Android devices. Game boosters even come pre-installed on certain mobile phones.

Game boosters take over the BGMI app. Before starting the game, the booster clears the phone’s RAM, resulting in a smoother experience.

3) Use the best in-game graphics settings

Playing with the best graphics settings in BGMI

BGMI tries to keep its players satisfied as they have various in-game graphics settings which a player can set according to his/her needs. While UHD and HDR graphics settings are for high-end devices, the choices for low-end device users are limited.

Low-end Android users need to stick to the Smooth graphics settings along with High or Ultra FPS settings which would enable them to get a decent FPS rate.

4) Avoid downloading resource packs

Avoiding downloading of resource packs

Resource packs are large in size, thus becoming cumbersome for low-end Android device users. Downloading resource packs would lead to an unnecessary increase in file size and hamper the gaming experience by reducing the FPS.

5) Wait for BGMI lite to release

Wait for BGMI lite to release

BGMI lite (like PUBG Mobile Lite) is being made exclusively for low-end device users. Krafton has hinted that the lite version of the game may be released very soon. BGMI Lite would certainly be the best option for optimum FPS on low-end devices.

Note: This article reflects the author’s views.

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