5 best tips to reach Conqueror tier in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in less time

The Conqueror tier in BGMI

BGMI is exclusive to the country and was released in July 2021. The launch came after PUBG Mobile’s ban in India in September 2020.

While Battlegrounds Mobile India was much awaited by players and rank pushers, hackers are also playing the game simultaneously. After the 1.6 update, gamers witnessed an all-time high rise of hackers, making it challenging to push rank in the game.

However, many users and content creators managed to reach the Conqueror tier, the highest and most prestigious in BGMI.

With the release of the 1.7 update and PUBG New State, a rapid decrease of hackers was seen. This encouraged lots of players to reach Conqueror again.

Reaching the Conqueror tier in BGMI in less time

1) Prefer survival over kills

A conqueror stands out in the lobby. Therefore, many players try to reach this tier in BGMI. As they rank higher, the game has it in its mechanics to emphasize survival rather than kills.

In a battle royal game, “survival of the fittest” is the ultimate goal. As a result, users should focus on surviving and reaching the top ten and obtaining more Chicken Dinners.

2) Rank push at the beginning of the season

Rank push at the beginning of the season

Every season lasts for eight weeks, but it is seen how difficult it gets to reach Conqueror as the season progresses. Since lots of players join in mid-season or at the end of the season, it is relatively easier to reach Conqueror at the beginning of every season.

The top 500 users per day earn the Conqueror title.

3) Rely on health utilities

Healing is an integral part of BGMI matches. Healing points add to a player’s score. Many rank pushers prefer to enter the zone after the initial ten minutes, carrying more medication to survive longer.

After all, battle royale is more a game of mindset and strategy than attack and involvement in fights.

4) Try playing solo and duo modes

Try playing solo and duo modes

The solo and duo modes help players reach Conqueror in a season. Since squad mode and 4v4 Battle Royal are more popular, solo and duo modes are relatively easier.

It’s also easier to find one rank pusher for a duo than three rank pushers for a squad.

5) Play lots of classics and practice on training grounds

Reaching the Conqueror tier is impossible without hard work and sheer dedication. BGMI gamers have to play plenty of classic matches to get to this level.

However, it has to be kept in mind that users need to regularly sharpen their reactions and gun skills at the training ground. The culmination of hard work in both classic matches and on the battlefield would enable them to reach the Conqueror tier in less time.

Note: This article reflects the author’s views. Every player has their gameplay preferences.

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