5 best BGMI streamers and content creators on YouTube

Knowing the best BGMI streamers and content creators on YouTube

The growth of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been witnessed mostly on YouTube. When PUBG Mobile got banned in September 2020, people showcased diverse emotions on YouTube. People kept on making videos, remembering their memories in their beloved game.

When the game returned in July 2021, streamers and content creators were showered with millions of views and plenty of donations. It is the streamers and content creators on Youtube who provide the audience with exciting videos and streams.

So far, several BGMI streamers have become household names in the gaming community. They have shown how gaming can be a great career option.

Who are the five best BGMI streamers and content creators on YouTube?

1) Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant

Dynamo Gaming Sevant BGMI Top Player and Youtube Content Creator

Dynamo, popularly known as Hydra Dynamo, is the owner of one of the biggest esports organizations in India – Hydra. Dynamo is the most popular BGMI streamer on YouTube. His channel, Dynamo Gaming, is the most subscribed channel with over 10 million subscribers.

Dynamo became popular on YouTube due to his insane sniping skills. He is one of the cult heroes in the BGMI gaming community.

2) Naman “Mortal” Mathur

Mortal is probably the most loved BGMI streamer. He has been nominated twice for The Esports Streamer of the Year award. His YouTube channel, Mortal, has close to seven million subscribers.

He is the owner of the most popular BGMI esports team – Soul. Also popular as Soul Mortal, his first livestream after BGMI’s release was the most-watched livestream in the community. An esports player for Team Soul, Mortal, is another heroic figure in the BGMI community. He is also a part of the S8UL organization.

3) Tanmay “Scout” Singh

Scout is probably the most controversial BGMI streamer. However, no one can take away the sheer dedication and hard work he puts into the game. With over 4.2 million subscribers, he is one of the best BGMI streamers and content creators on YouTube.

A player and owner of Team X Spark, Scout is amongst the best BGMI esports player. An all-rounder in the game, he also provides chances for underdogs to shine. Like Mortal, Scout is also a part of the S8UL organization.

4) Jonathan Amaral

Jonathan Amaral BGMI Player Youtube Content Creator

Jonathan is reportedly the best BGMI esports player in India. His accolades show for himself. Known for his aggressive gameplay, people enjoy his funny streams.

Jonathan’s YouTube channel, Jonathan Gaming, has a huge 3.22 subscriber base. A part of GodLike Esports, Jonathan has made his name around the globe for his jaw-dropping gun power. His particular livestreams have had over 200k views at some point, which shows his popularity.

5) Raj “Snax” Varma

Raj Snax BGMI Player Youtube Content Creator

Due to his humble nature, Snax has become one of the most loved YouTube streamers and content creators. His ‘tips and tricks’ videos are favorites among upcoming and striving BGMI players.

Snax’s streams are full of fun. The audience loves his accent, and his DP28 sprays have positioned him amongst the game’s best players. A member of TeamIND, Snax, is a crowd puller with over a million subscribers.

Note: This article is based on the author’s views.

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