3 best IGLs in BGMI esports as of 2021

Looking at the best BGMI esports IGLs

BGMI is a battle royale game that prioritizes the position of the in-game leader (IGL). This person acts as the pivot around which an esports team plays. Like the captain in each sport, the IGL propels the team towards victory.

Ever since the introduction of PUBG Mobile in 2018, the Indian mobile gaming market has soared. The ban on the game in 2020 was a massive setback for the Indian mobile esports community. However, the introduction of Battlegrounds Mobile India this year witnessed the rebirth of mobile esports again.

BGMI has had teams that have given fans everlasting memories to cherish. The community is blessed with extraordinarily talented and witty IGLs who often leave the audiences in awe of their quick decisions.

Who are the best IGLs in BGMI esports?

1) Vivek Aabhas “Clutchgod” Horo

Who are the best IGLs in BGMI esports

Based on current form, it has to be said that Clutchgod is indeed the best BGMI IGL at the moment. Ever since the Godlike Esports BGMI team was formed, Clutchgod, along with his teammates Zgod, Jonathan, and Neyo, have created a riot in the community, winning almost all the trophies.

Clutchgod rose to the ranks in 2019, playing for Team Soul. However, he established himself as the leader of TSM Entity when he joined the organization. After the side was released, Clutchgod, along with his teammates, joined Godlike Esports.

Clutchgod, as an IGL, has since won the LOCO War of Glory: Grand Finals, Ranbhoomi Season 1, and Skyesports Championship 3.0. He is sure to win more championships if he continues to be in such great form.

2) Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh


Referred to as “the man with the golden arm”, Mavi is a beast of a player. His grenade skills have clinched him this title, and the powerful assaulter is known worldwide for his prowess as an IGL.

Mavi is often tallied with Clutchgod to be the best IGL in BGMI esports. His exploits with his former organization, Orange Rock (OR) Esports, are known to all. Wins in the PMPL South Asia: Season 1, ESL India Premiership 2020 Summer Season: Finals, and Nimo TV Battleground Season are part of his accolades.

However, Mavi’s most valuable tournament was the PMWL East: Season 0, where he carried OR to the second position. He left OR to join Team SOUL but plays for Team X Spark nowadays.

3) Yogesh “Roxx” Yadav

Yogesh Roxx

Roxx is an inspiration for underdog players, and Team Celtz’s wonder run is etched in esports history. Roxx, as an IGL, delivered when no one expected him to, winning the PMPL South Asia: Season 1 Finals.

Roxx then led the merged Galaxy Racers and Celtz to wins in Crew Mania and LOCO Gamer League: PUBGM Monsoon Knockouts.

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