3 best BGMI tips and tricks to win Mirror World modes easily

Exploring the Mirror World

The 1.7 update of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has introduced a new themed mode for BGMI gamers. The update has come to the players’ rescue as it promises to incorporate a safer gaming experience and a more reliable security system to ban hackers from the mobile game.

The new themed mode is called Mirror World, which highlights PUBG Mobile’s major collaboration with Arcane. Developers at Krafton Inc. have added plenty of rewards based on Mirror World Mode.

Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik are the only three maps, which have been remodeled based on the mode. Many users have found this mode exciting and are striving towards winning matches in the Mirror World.

BGMI effective tips and tricks to win Mirror World modes easily

1) Land on the flying island while playing squads

Land on the flying island while playing squads

The flying island on the Mirror World themed map in BGMI is reminiscent of the flying temple in the ‘Pharaoh Rises’ mode of PUBG Mobile back in 2020. However, Mirror World’s flying island is a more popular drop.

The flying island is full of loot resulting in several squads dropping on the location. The flying island enables a player to get used to hot drops and initial fights. This helps in boosting their confidence. This confidence propels the players to easy wins in BGMI themed mode matches.

It has to be noted that even when BGMI players are defeated on the flying island, they are transported down to the main map, where they have to survive. However, the finish points up on the island count.

2)Proper use of shields and blue crystals

Proper use of shields and blue crystals

The riot shields on the Mirror World map in BGMI may come in handy en route to easy wins. When involved in a fight, a player may use the riot shield to take cover or heal, according to their need.

The blue crystals found in Mirror World are crucial. Blue crystals may be used to summon a supply drop when the players require supplies, be it ammunition, medication, gear or weapons.

3) Look for out enemies near the Mirror World portal

One of the wittiest ways to get a win in the Mirror World mode is to eliminate enemies on their way to the Mirror World. Mirror World opens after the timer counts down to zero, and players rush towards the portal as they try to transform themselves into heroes.

A flock of players head towards the portal, and one guarding it from afar can easily pick up kills. This not only increases their finish points but also provides them lesser enemies and better loot for obtaining a ‘Chicken Dinner’.

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